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contrasting moods

this is for Anne who likes to see things “finished” …….which is very good for me! so inclined to wander off from idea to idea……… two small painted tables, not quite finished, need their protective coating……

IMG_0408 IMG_0410

so the rich colours are still happening…….but I also love the subtlety of these, just out of the dye pot this morning….. “failed” bits of previous dyes that then sat in a soak of fermented cherry juice…..and a bit of iron water……..on different fabrics the soak gave this lovely range:


slow textiles continue…..

I am still enjoying hand stitching, and have returned to the natural dyeing pots, this time I think with a bit more understanding of the process and perhaps different expectations; I am already very happy with the colours I am producing, even though I have so far used very basic materials and techniques. I have acquired a little portable cooktop, which is making the process much simpler…having pots simmering outside or in the laundry keeps things separate and easier to manage. I am also achieving some lovely colours with just jars sitting in the sun for a few days with some silk and some dye-worthy material in them..purple carrots have been a revelation! I am setting up some cooked jars using India Flint’s Stuff Steep and Store preserving method; that will really be slow textiles! they will sit for several months.

The resultant fabrics are being stitched into my ongoing cloth books, and into some panels that may become pages, or parts of quilts….the whole flow of the processes, and the tactile pleasure of the stitching and random piecing, is pleasing me enough for now.I have also discovered Jude Hill’s lovely Spirit Cloth blog, and she has recently opened up some of her older classes, which I missed being able to join,  for general readers to peruse; a generous gesture that is also very inspiring, and is helping encourage me to keep following my instincts with these pieces.

IMG_0404 IMG_0396 IMG_0395

beautiful beach

….a blessing at the end of an unseasonally hot October day……


A spring update

……although today is more summer than spring, a very early day of fire danger, heat and swirling winds, indicators of a long hot summer on its way.

I seem to be moving back more and more in to hand stitching, slow and contemplative, and more earthy somehow, and with it a moving towards using more of my gentler dyed fabrics…..

IMG_9813 IMG_9824 IMG_9825 IMG_9826

after a winter of stitching with bold and bright colours!…. IMG_8755 IMG_9533 IMG_9634 IMG_9812 IMG_9816 IMG_9817 IMG_9820 IMG_9821


found in the park on my walk today: so beautiful.


an embroidered panel that had been sitting in a drawer is now a cushion….



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