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Seems a bit like that! having to kick-start, not only the blog but the textiles work too….apart from some journals made for friends, it’s been a quiet time. Too much creativity going in to working out new ways of preparing food! [may need a new blog for that area of interest …] and reading inspirational […]

tiny treasures

a collection of tiny treasures, all scattered on the beach on the same morning a week or two ago……plenty of inspiration here for sketching/stitching line, shape, colour, texture in a very simple form……

meditative stitch

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Making this sari-scrap quilt/throw has been a long and labour-intensive journey, but it has been a very peaceful activity to do all the hand-stitching without setting any deadlines for completion; a very meditative activity which seems approriate, using all these beautiful scraps from indian saris! I am almost finished the front at last….panels pieced, now only to contemplate the border, and decide how to work a back for it. I love this part of quilt making, when the different sections are being worked together and starting to take on a new life as a melded fabric; and whether I am stitching the final touches by hand or machine [in this case both], I get pleasure from the feel of it evolving, and the colours which are coming together with a new kind of glow. The running stitch that I have worked on all the panels of this quilt has the effect of blending the disparate pieces.


a colour theme?

seems I never see my world in black and white…….. it’s the rich colours that attract me…and my camera…even  around my home…..these have caught my eye on a browse through some recent photos: there seems to be something of a theme in the colour combinations! may be another piece of work brewing.

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quick check back through some photos and I find I have not been completely idle while the blog has been dormant; a couple of simple quilts for family folk, some embellished and bejewelled journals for friends…..


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just checked the date of my last posting and could not believe it……habits are easily broken! a long delay in the journal;  not sure where the time has gone but it seems a new start is called for…….and as often happens it has been prompted by a visual feast….a wonderful display of inter-tidal treasure on the beach in the late afternoon autumn sun. Textile updates to follow soon!

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more winter colour

after a few days of grey wet and windy wintery weather, the sun has emerged victorious today……….I can almost feel spring approaching and certainly there are signs, plants starting to bud up, some early blossom, and birds starting to congregate and look for just that right bit of “stuff” to make the perfect nest……..but even during the grey days there was still plenty of colour about:

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