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found in the park on my walk today: so beautiful.


an embroidered panel that had been sitting in a drawer is now a cushion….


time to be practical

I have gathered up a pile of panels that were made with no real purpose….a bit of a bad habit! and am going to settle down and select some to make some cushion covers…..hopefully there will be a few “finished” photos in the near future…….!!

Canvas Work

On a whim last year I decided to try a sample of canvas work…just to see if I would enjoy the formal structure, and the effects I could have with colour within that. Somehow found myself with a whole bunch of samples!! …it was unexpectedly addictive…..and not having any idea what to do with them,I organised them into a cloth book, seemed the most logical way to store them!

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had a bit more fun with the sketchbook today……..


A cold, wild and windy day today, with banks of showery rain passing through. I love the seasons! Inclement weather brings a chance to “play”….more sketchbook pages, mostly very simplistic “doodling” with colour, building up some ideas for motifs that may eventually translate to a textile piece:

also a couple of altered books in preparation: part of the enjoyment of altered books for me is the long preparation…… like good slow food!…..so one is still being cut and sewn:

and one being gessoed and coloured:

altered book progress

beauty is often hidden

a grey morning, a grey mood:


but closer observation of the “brown stuff” scattered on the beach reveals a world of beauty.

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