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beautiful beach

….a blessing at the end of an unseasonally hot October day……

colours and shapes in the spring garden



found in the park on my walk today: so beautiful.


beauty is often hidden

a grey morning, a grey mood:


but closer observation of the “brown stuff” scattered on the beach reveals a world of beauty.

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tiny treasures

a collection of tiny treasures, all scattered on the beach on the same morning a week or two ago……plenty of inspiration here for sketching/stitching line, shape, colour, texture in a very simple form……

inter-tidal treasures

just checked the date of my last posting and could not believe it……habits are easily broken! a long delay in the journal;  not sure where the time has gone but it seems a new start is called for…….and as often happens it has been prompted by a visual feast….a wonderful display of inter-tidal treasure on the beach in the late afternoon autumn sun. Textile updates to follow soon!

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foggy morning

a beautiful,other-worldly start to the day on the beach, thick fog, and the ships sounding their foghorns, but it was low tide and the eerie light seemed to add colour to the seaweed jewels scattered on  the beach: