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Bloom on the vat

A very promising sight this morning, lovely blue bloom on the fructose vat

IMG_1414And the ph was good at 11.4; so I had high hopes for a good strong colour; but in fact it was a fairly pale result, proving that my vat often has a mind of its own! Nevertheless some multiple dips and some over-dyeing produced some interesting results


And even a couple more misty moons!




Comments on: "Bloom on the vat" (3)

  1. Go indigo vat! I’m currently babying mine back to health after neglecting to stir them for a week. Thanks for the flower glam shot.
    XO from another indigo lover from across the blogosphere

    • Thanks Iris…..what sort of vat is yours? Set up pics when you can 😍…. in the meantime I have visited and been very inspired by your beautiful blog about your journey.
      And yes I am really discovering the beauty of the blue bloom!!!!….glen

      • I have a few vats going, a zinc lime, an iron vat, and a madder fermentation vat. I’m going to set up a fructose 123 vat this month. I will be doing a whole series on this summer’s indigo adventures on my art blog, dreambirdstudio.com. I’ll keep you posted. Xo

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