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Indigo at last

A very fun blue-letter day: my first attempt at an indigo vat. Used the natural 3-2-1 pickling lime and fruit one, used fructose today but will try with bananas next. I muddled along a bit with the proportions and getting the lime to dissolve into the brew, so as I always seem to do, I was learning on the job! but it seemed to follow the general process which all the instructions point to, and I managed to sample -dye a number of pieces of fabric! very exciting, will keep practising with this over the next week or two; a change from my favourite eucalyptus – based dye pots . Will be pleased to see how the fabrics look tomorrow after washing: can’t quite believe it has been so successful and so quick! The vat was very strong, I actually weakened off some of the brew for the lighter pieces but I suspect they will be lighter in any case after washing………..watch this space !!!


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  1. I’ve declared this the summer of indigo in my studio. I have three vats set up, madder vat, zinc lime and iron vat. Waiting to July to set up my first fructose vat – feeling encouraged by your success! Been enjoying discovering your blog this morning, beautiful work.
    Cheers from across the blogosphere –

    • Hi Iris, Thank you for your lovely comments…. the natural dyeing is very addictive; and becoming more so as my skills grow! will check your blog, would love to see what your vats produce….glen

      • Hi-
        FWI, my current blog, Riding the Pooka, is mostly about breast cancer. Though my newest post shows some rough indigo shibori from the iron vat. Right now I’ve been working on resurrecting my art blog, Dream Bird Studio, which has been sleeping for ten years- it isn’t live yet. I’m hoping to document my dye adventures.
        You are so right that natural dyeing is super compelling. Love love love it.
        Xo Iris

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