a journal: textiles, inspiration, musings

dyepots still simmering

Some of the latest colours emerging from some unlikely sources……unfortunately the iphone camera pales the colours off a bit, wish it would stop trying to help and “adjusting”……..some of these scraps have emerged from red cabbage baths with various things added [an iron bar and some alum produced some lovely blues! not sure how permanent they will be but for now they are lovely, and satisfying the blue-craving until I learn how to make indigo vats……on the list!!] ……..the chewed pinecones from the local park , which have been dropped willy nilly on the grass after the black cockies have devoured the pine nuts, have produced a lovely warm tan; a perennial cottage plant in the garden which is one of the few plants I have whose name I don’t know…..must research, it makes lovely rich pink; and pine needles from the same black-cocky-food tree, simmered with some metal pieces, again producing some lovely blues to greys.

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