a journal: textiles, inspiration, musings

Seems a bit like that! having to kick-start, not only the blog but the textiles work too….apart from some journals made for friends, it’s been a quiet time. Too much creativity going in to working out new ways of preparing food! [may need a new blog for that area of interest …] and reading inspirational books, and finding time to just sit and contemplate…..
But the new year has arrived, and a new enthusiasm for colour and texture, for the feel of fabric and the fun of pottering with paper and paint; so I have started with revisiting the Book of Rust that I had made a very basic start on [I had made the cover!] and having pulled out a tub full of sample pieces, i am constructing pages. What is its purpose? don’t know…..it may just sit there looking richly rusty, or I may use it as a base to put in some poetry and some photos of lovely rusted and earthy things…..

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