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meditative stitch

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Making this sari-scrap quilt/throw has been a long and labour-intensive journey, but it has been a very peaceful activity to do all the hand-stitching without setting any deadlines for completion; a very meditative activity which seems approriate, using all these beautiful scraps from indian saris! I am almost finished the front at last….panels pieced, now only to contemplate the border, and decide how to work a back for it. I love this part of quilt making, when the different sections are being worked together and starting to take on a new life as a melded fabric; and whether I am stitching the final touches by hand or machine [in this case both], I get pleasure from the feel of it evolving, and the colours which are coming together with a new kind of glow. The running stitch that I have worked on all the panels of this quilt has the effect of blending the disparate pieces.


Comments on: "meditative stitch" (2)

  1. It is looking good. You are right about the blending effecdt of the running stitch

    • thanks Gillian, I have had trouble subscribing to your blog [I think the problem is my end!] but your latest little embroidery posts look lovely…..as does the new fridge!

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