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colourful months

quick check back through some photos and I find I have not been completely idle while the blog has been dormant; a couple of simple quilts for family folk, some embellished and bejewelled journals for friends…..


IMG_5788 IMG_5781 IMG_5777 IMG_5756 IMG_5754 IMG_5621 IMG_5603 IMG_5489 IMG_5487 IMG_4924



IMG_5901 IMG_5900 IMG_5899 IMG_5905 IMG_5903


Comments on: "colourful months" (5)

    • thanks Nan, just visited your blog too.lovely applique work, and your quilts for charity are lovely….what a big task to take on, well done….glen

  1. love the quilt with the batiks and the red leaves!

    • hi Gillian..thank you, that one was for my son…a big fast job in the couple of weeks before Christmas! just saw that you have started back on your blog too, we might inspire each other!…glen

      • Maybe we will – I have been doing a lot of work but never seem to get photos into the computer. Current work based on Port Phillip bay – so right up your street!

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