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time for hand stitching

I seem to be headed for some hand-stitching evenings soon…..in theory autumn is coming [not a lot of sign of it yet in the current 28 degrees at 5.30 in the afternoon!] and with daylight saving due to end in early April we may eventually get to long evenings which seem to encourage hand-stitching; I still don’t find it easy to sit and hand sew when the sun is bright and hot, even though I can sit and rev up the sewing machine happily during the day! So when we finally get some longer cooler evenings it will be an incentive to finish the two projects that need quite a bit of hand-stitching:

my colourful quilt which is ready for hand quilting with some lovely single strand red embroidery thread :

and some panels constructed of scraps of sari silks, which i am playing with using a running, kantha type stitch and some loose ideas about applique….these will eventually form a simple throw without any thick wadding.

Very much a work-it-out-as-I-go piece! but I love working with these silks, they are light and soft, and each one so beautiful in colour and pattern.

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