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I don’t really know why the 6 by 4 size format hasn’t taken hold for me well before this, given my approach to textiles which often means working on several different techniques at once; always excited to try the next thing…….so really it’s a logical step, such a manageable size….I have started working on a series of postcards…….which may later be used as Christmas cards, or gifts, or little mounted pieces…….all on a roughly 4 by 6 size , sometimes 4 by 6 and a half because accurate sizing seems to bring out the rebel in me….and it is giving me the chance to use some of my existing samples, and create more, to start to produce little pieces suitable for this size. I am building a up a supply of pieces that will just need some beading, or hand-stitching, to finish them..hence the cricket reference: they will be perfect for working on while watching some Test cricket over summer, or while sitting with family. So the backgrounds are happening in many ways…..embellished  or embroidered pieces on washaway;  the embellisher machine has made an appearance again, to work on some background pieces with lots of scraps……there are pieces of fabric rusting outside, and the ongoing natural dyeing experiments; the paint pots are making an appearance, and pieces of textured surfaces I have produced over the past couple of years are starting to find their place too. The tubs of samples that have been sitting sadly about the studio space, waiting for inspiration that seemed to be elusive , are suddenly looking useful as I frame up and cut pieces into the small format. Fun fun fun!

Pics of a few works-in-progress below:

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