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lost in the dye pots

a bit of time since my last posting…….have been immersed [pun intended!] in dye pots, having suddenly developed an interest in natural dyeing. A strange obsession for me, as I have always loved rich bright colours and certainly my first efforts at natural dyeing were producing very muted browns and golds. But there is something seductive and fulfilling about producing colour from the plants in the garden, or fruits and vegies from the kitchen cupboards, and I am gradually producing some lovely colours, which i will  use in my little Rag Bag book…….. I have been inspired by India Flint’s lovely book Eco Colour, and by a simple piece of fabric dyed probably with onion skins which came in a bag of offcuts from a friend………also by the gorgeous earthy work on Jude Hill’s Spirit Cloth blog. I have yet to venture into indigo, but have managed  quite a lovely blue from salvia flowers and even a paler one from red snapdragons after a bit of post-mordanting;   I have so far not managed to produce a green! so need to keep experimenting a while longer yet. It is quite therapeutic to work away with colours that are not my usual palette.

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