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small Cretan Stitch bag

Pinned to my design wall for some time I have had this sampler piece that I made a year or two ago , , teaching myself ways of using Cretan Stitch….so when I decided that a largeish small shoulder bag would be handy [just for basics…small wallet, phone, small sketchbook and pen…..in an attempt not to always carry too much stuff around…..I am such a what-if and just-in-case person!]……I decided to  use the bright panel as the front of the bag. Most of the bag has been constructed by hand, very simply, with a large button and a piece of old sari silk as a closure; and the shoulder strap is one of my machined cords, wrapping together a long piece each of sari silk yarn, sari ribbon and some lovely wool-and-acrylic chunky yarn blend. I am quite happy with the result, and I  can see it leading to a few more small bags made using other experimental panels:


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Comments on: "small Cretan Stitch bag" (2)

  1. The bag is brilliant! So colourful and eye-catching. Using cretan stitch works really well!

    • thanks Lainey, it was a nice way to learn the stitch and play with colour at the same time. I am enjoying the progress of your woven papers piece on your blog, shall look forward to the resolved piece…..cheers, glen

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