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playing with “spare parts”

with no larger project really calling me yet, it is a good opportunity to have a less focused play with bits and pieces that may end up part of something bigger later…..machined cords  are always good, and now that Lily Husqvarna is back from the service shop and purring along happily, the cords have become a lot easier to make; she is no longer jumping all over the place when i try to stitch them! amazing what a difference it makes when the tension is working properly.I have a tub of offcuts and scrappy bits of brights ready to build up into a background piece using the Embellisher, some hand stitching happening on my little Rag Bag calico book that is starting to evolve [using much paler colours than I generally  use…….somehow the creams and rusts  from this lovely piece of dyed scrim , which came from a bag of offcuts a friend gave me,  was calling me to make something gentler and quieter; time will tell if it stays that way as I work on it, or whether brighter colours will start to creep in!]…….I am also painting some calico “pages” using up spent procion dyes…another small book to come maybe?

Thanks to another friend I am now the proud owner of a lovely printers tray which I have filled with all sorts of buttons and beads..it seems a work of art in itself….and this random play time is a  good chance also to start browsing back through my reference books………more on this next post!

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