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spring plumage

the parrots living in and around our back garden are very busy at the moment. There are several Crimson Rosellas, and a lone Eastern Rosella who seems to have become  part of the  family group …she also seems to be nesting in a hole in our wall where there was once an air conditioning outlet………..and we have seen one of the Crimsons with his head in the hole apparently feeding her…no sign of babies yet, is this cross-breeding possible? time will tell…..the Rainbow Lorikeets are back too, noisy and strong – minded; when they are about all the other birds are forced to take a back seat.

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  1. Hi
    I am currently doing Sian’s taster course and was looking for some idea of what the other courses included before commiting to any of them. Your blog is really interesting, I hope you don’t mind me having a good look. YOur work is lovely and I enjoyed your photography too. There is a lot to inspire you wherever you are!

    • hi Lainey thanks for having a look at my blog, and thanks for the kind comments. I have been over to yours and will leave a comment there too….nice work, love your use of colours. cheers, glen

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