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works in progress

An overdue return to textiles, although I have been pottering away with mainly hand-stitching, and journal making. Lily the sewing assistant is a bit overdue for a service, she has decided that her tension can do what it wants until it gets some attention, so I am a bit restricted with machining at the moment!  I am tinkering with an idea for a bed quilt, in the broad sense of the word ie it may not have much of a wadding, or a conventionally “finished” look…….I am playing with making blocks from some of my Indian recycled silk fabrics, and other blocks using reverse applique; then working a running stitch, a bit kantha-like, through each block; a couple of blocks-in-progress in the slide show below.

I am also playing with ideas on how to display the 4 richly embroidered blocks I completed after the class with Effie Mitrofanis…..I  like them on the turquoise silk background but it all looks a bit neat, so the next post may show them on a background of torn strips!

One of my favourite projects at the moment is  working hand embroidery, shishas and textured stitching into a turquoise/blue piece that i started putting together on the Embellisher machine; I am letting it develop as a background piece that may form a base for some of my machine embroidered birds and plants motifs..still working on ways to express my love of Swan Bay and the landscape and birdlife that abounds here.

As a different approach to journal covers I have used ribbons and strips of sari fabrics pieced together..

And finally I had a play with a woven background, keeping it pale so i can add rich colours and embellishments on it when I start to work into it.

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Comments on: "works in progress" (2)

  1. Love the Turqoise piece and the pale one has such promise – just waiting for fufillment!

    • thanks Gillian, i am really enjoying working texture into that one.I seem to be enjoying hand stitching at the moment, and the feel of the textile piece as I work on it.
      Can you remind me of your blog address?
      thanks for visiting, cheers, glen

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