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back on track

a long time between posts…..have had to adjust priorities lately, and need to put course work on hold for awhile.  A short update on recent doings :

the Travellers Blanket is nearing completion, a few more embroidery stitches on the patches, but the running stitch is done and I have enjoyed both the process of doing the stitching, which is very relaxing, holding the soft folds of the cloth and working in the texture of the kantha-like stitches; and the interesting effect it produces on the cloth.


now I need to decide how to cover the back; the loose bits of thread,  the “raw” look, is quite interesting to me, i am quite fond of the raw look! but probably it will be more practical to layer some more muslin, and run some finishing stitches through to join the layers…and then how to treat the edges?? so many decisions!

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