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I made a Herculean effort and got to Effie’s class [hosted by the Geelong Embroiderer’s Guild , who were very welcoming and enthusiastic]  despite an acute Back Problem, which was very ill-timed and made things considerably  slower and trickier than usual. However I was delighted I attended, she does such beautiful work, working from a base of traditional and skilled embroidery which she has developed over the years into her own richly embellished and creative pieces . I remembered being  the small girl in school who was given “fail” marks for various attempts at embroidery, but surprised myself by thoroughly enjoyed learning ways to use bullion knots and raised chain band, and insertion knotted buttonhole……..a big adventure for someone more inclined to stick to running stitch and other  much simpler stitches.  And producing stitches with “personality”, as Effie kindly  called them at one stage, was not seen as any kind of handicap!

A highlight was learning ways to make  gorgeous wrapped and beaded cords. I can see a lot of use for this type of work as embellishment over other layers of work that i have been doing, including machine embroidered pieces and the layered Happy Cloths.

Some samples below: unfinished of course…we needed a week!…..but these ones will definitely be worked on over the next few months to be part of a concertina samples book. And wrapped and beaded cords may well become an addiction! when I finally achieve a finished one I shall post a picture …….

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