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finally back to the sewing machine for some work on the last chapter of module one! For the first part of the chapter it was time to refer to free-motion doodles from my sketchbook, and play with equivalent free stitching on fabric samples. I love the naive look that can be achieved by drawing with the free motion needle on the machine, although it becomes a bit too naive -looking when Lily Husqvarna decides to do that dragging thing she does with certain backgrounds. I have found that quilters felt and good old Chux wipes work best for allowing the fabric to flow through in these samples. I like using the Ricky Timms backing when I want control for denser thread stitching, but it does hold the fabric a bit too rigidly when I want a more scribbled effect, and also it does tend to drag with that frustrating stop-start problem that leaves the stitches looking uneven in an undesirable way!

below some pages from doodling sketch books, and some doodle-stitching  samples:

this last page was a combination. just sketching freely on sunprinted background with various colours, thicknesses of thread and backing materials, deliberately choosing some finer ones..scrim…to see if puckering would occur..as indeed it did, down the bottom:

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