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I realised I had been a bit cursory in my efforts at the line samples, so returned to do a bit more work on that exercise.

My emotion lines were all a bit fine and dull……….have had another play and produced some bolder lines, but I am getting too self-aware and awkward with that one!  so I had a bit of a free stitch working from some of my line reference images, but without any intention to do a finished piece, just to play with free motion line.

My Lily was a bit temperamental to start with [or maybe I was, have a cold today!] but in the interests of  honesty i am showing one of the first two disastrous attempts..the dreaded “drag” effect that happens sometimes with free motion was in full swing, so the fabric kept sticking and then jerking, not great for the flow of the line…..I have tried different backing fabrics to overcome this, and usually the softer ones like felt or nappy liner are OK, but today it was all a bit tricky:

however I soldiered on and managed a better piece:

I then played a bit with some other line images: a spider web….



the beginnings of working out how to approach stitching the parrot feathers:

and a quick stitch-sketch of some seaweed………of these, the one I am happiest with is the seaweed, I used 3 different threads and it looks as though it could be a part of an interesting piece.

At least I managed to get Lily to behave at last!

Time to return to chapter 9 I think……

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