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….seems I have missed a couple of things in my progress through the module….time to back -track a bit and fill in the gaps!

Firstly the question about the linking feature for the 6 images on page 11 of the module: apart from the fact that they are all bold primary and secondary colours, they each incorporate complementary colours………..this feels a bit like a quiz question, hope i have not missed the point!

The other colour question I overlooked was how primary colours make me feel:

when I first started quilting and textile work I really enjoyed using primary colours…their boldness and simplicity appealed to me and I equated them with a sense of vibrancy and rich colour. One of my earliest quilts, made with all my first hand-dyed fabrics, was a “hippy quilt” for my daughter, using very bright, primary and secondary colours. I still see primary colours as fun, especially for childrens quilts and books, but I find now I am more drawn to blended colours where richness is still a priority but there are more variables of tone, of light and shade and subtlety.

I have also added comments to the Razzle Dazzle exercise.

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