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I had two attempts at this one…..it was interesting that i found the requirement to stitch on black felt the most restrictive thing! it seems to make the samples quite flat, but I can see the point as free machine practice.

For my first sample I worked from a squiggly string sketch I had done in a sketch book, hoping to make sure I ¬†achieved a free line that wasn’t too tight : the original sketch didn’t have spirals and circles but I was happy to add them in once I started stitching!

the finished piece was pretty dull though, so I returned to the doodling, and decided to do a tree-of-life type image. Both designs are a bit dull and stiff, but shall move on and see if i want to re-visit the exercise later!






Comments on: "stitching circles and spirals design from doodles" (2)

  1. I like how you developed your idea from your original sketch by adding the circles and spirals to the stitched sample

  2. I know what you mean about the black felt it isn’t the most exciting thing to stitch on, but as you say it serves its purpose as an exercise. I think with free embroidery your imagination and creative feelings take over when your stitching so you can embellish your original sketch as you go along. I think free machine embroidery can be exciting.

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