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creative prairie points

a quiet time for the blog, but not for the work-in-progress. The idea of being creative with something as prescribed and rigid as prairie points..whose dimensions, or at least the ratio of the dimensions, are fairly fixed…..has been a bit daunting but I have wandered my way through a process and found it led me to an old favourite….butterflies!

Pictures of the process are below:

I wanted to try and use some sort of organic source of inspiration, and first looked at the large pine trees in our park……it is possible to simplify the shapes to create triangles, but the prairie points needed to be staggered to give any interest, and I soon gave up on that idea as a bit dull.

a friend [thanks Pauline!] suggested the ridges on the back of a dinosaur, and this has potential..I had a play with some painted papers which created an interesting effect, and this may develop into a card for my little grandson’s birthday!……but I wasn’t sure I wanted to develop it much further……

next I contemplated a banner fish…..and played with some paper….



This too has possibilities and i might try a richly decorated one later…..















To try and counteract the rigidity of the basic prairie point shape,  I looked at some of my Sheila Paine books on Indian embroideries and found some pieces based on a triangular shape:


















Love the richness and depth of colour, so I found some previously embroidered and embellished bits I had done earlier, and tried working them into prairie point pockets:

I think this has distinct decorative possibilities! and while  I was playing with their placement ..

………I discovered that prairie points make rather nice butterfly shapes. Can’t  think why it took me so long..butterflies are a bit of a favourite theme……

For my Resolved Sample I needed to go back to the prescribed  “machine foot on” instruction, so far this has led to two more butterflies…

so I shall now need to check with Janet whether these complete the requirements for this exercise..it won’t be the last of prairie point butterflies though, have discovered something I am enjoying here!

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