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more winter colour

after a few days of grey wet and windy wintery weather, the sun has emerged victorious today……….I can almost feel spring approaching and certainly there are signs, plants starting to bud up, some early blossom, and birds starting to congregate and look for just that right bit of “stuff” to make the perfect nest……..but even during the grey days there was still plenty of colour about:

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a lovely five day re-charge ; now home with fresh mind and ready to get back to the textiles!   its a beautiful sunny winter’s day, after a VERY chilly night….. I have finally finished preparing my altered book for butterflies and moths…pages stitched, cut, gessoed..always a slow but satisfying process for me: the  [very raw] beginnings of the fun colour-and-image part has now started:

lepi altered book started

I have put groups of experimental textured pieces up on the board, just to start to think about how I want to use them!

texture 1 texture 2

and also starting to mount some of my postcard size pieces on a canvas, and thinking of ways to start piecing the sari panels together using sari trim……..

colour 1 colour 2



a fresh look

I managed to fit a new [old and repainted ] bookcase into The Playroom this week, which somehow opened up re-organising possibilities! marvellous what a rearrange does for the creative psyche…suddenly all sorts of possibilities open, and i had a fresh look at some of my existing backgrounds which had been sulking at the back of a cupboard……..have placed some of my lepi’s [that's moths and butterflies!] on different ones, to see if they might complement each other enough to form the basis of  some finished pieces; getting them up on the blog can often give me a fresh and more objective look at them; the poor things need their antennae and will look a lot more settled once they are properly stitched into a background but neither can happen until i decide on some permanent resting places………..

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foggy morning

a beautiful,other-worldly start to the day on the beach, thick fog, and the ships sounding their foghorns, but it was low tide and the eerie light seemed to add colour to the seaweed jewels scattered on  the beach:


some lovely rain, and bursts of chilly sunshine…..and a spot of glorious colour on the beach:



tree dahlia

It’s a grey and cold day, but a lovely sight in the garden:  a successful white tree dahlia  after trying for some years to get one to grow ! a lovely graceful addition to the winter garden:

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inkjet transfers

Getting just the right amount of image from an inkjet transfer is proving a very complex ………and somewhat frustrating…….challenge. Have tried the gel medium-on-substrate approach, which left lots of nice gel medium embedded in the original photo, an interesting look but not much use as a transfer! tried spraying glossy photo with water….that has been a bit more interesting, getting a nice blurry image as the colours run quickly especially from cheap photo paper. The clearest images came from a transfer from a sheet of overhead transparency, which made me very excited……but alas the printer didn’t like the process, and after the first one [seen below with 4 moth images] it refused to repeat the experience, but instead made the ink come out too wet on the transparency and the image impossible to transfer. Best nice-blurry results so far are from thin copy paper print-out onto thin copy paper using Transfer ink. I also really like the image that is left behind on the original print-out after this process.

Any suggestions from Out There would be welcome!  in the meantime shall keep experimenting…….results so far are shown below:

IMG_4284 IMG_4287 IMG_4325 IMG_4330 IMG_4331 IMG_4341 IMG_4342 IMG_4343 IMG_4344 IMG_4351 IMG_4353 IMG_4356


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